The SwissInnovation Challenge Asia consists of three phases of around three months each. The process is outlined below.

Phase I: Outlining the innovation

Making a short presentation (March)

The prerequisite for admission to the first selection presentation is the formulation of an innovation concept which you will need to submit at least two weeks prior to the pitching event. It can take the form of a new business model, a product innovation, service innovation, organisational innovation or innovation in management. At the first personal selection presentation you will need to convince the Jury of your innovation within three minutes. The Jury will evaluate your presentation according to pre-defined criteria.

Based on the pitching event, 50 of the initial 100 participating projects will be selected for the next phase in each country.

Phase ll: Turning the business idea into a business plan

Writing a business plan, delivering a more detailed pitch presentation (June)

In this phase, the focus is on the feasibility of your idea. You are required to submit a professional business plan of a maximum of 15 A4 pages on the basis of your concrete innovation latest two weeks prior to the pitching event. You will present your business plan to the Jury in five minutes. The Jury will evaluate your presentation according to pre-defined criteria.

25 participating projects are chosen for the final phase in each country.

Phase lll: Polishing your business plan and compiling an implementation plan

Preparing the final pitch presentation (September)

You will design a presentation which focuses on the implementation plan of your innovation. The final pitch presentation will be a larger public event where you will need to demonstrate to the Jury how you plan to implement your innovation within seven minutes. This will be based on an implementation plan of eight A4 pages which needs to be handed in conjunction with the updated business plan at least two weeks before the event. Please note that relevant communities including investors, advisors, government officials as well as individuals in business and media will be invited to this public event. The Jury consists of at least one representative of the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), of the local partner university as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and business people.  The Jury will evaluate your presentation on the day of the finals according to pre-defined criteria.

From the cohort of participating projects in this final phase, the Jury will select the winners and award the cash prizes.