Coach List

1 Dr. R. –Dieter Reineke
Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke is Professor at the Institute of Management at FHNW, Switzerland. He has more than 25 years experience in consulting, training and research, in an international context, in more than 40 countries. As a founder of several companies in the services and consulting industry he has gained practical experience in entrepreneurship and internationalization

2 Prof. Dr. Ganesh Nathan
Prof. Ganesh Nathan is a member of the Institute of Management, School of Business, FHNW (Switzerland). He has extensive managerial experience with international and multinational companies including Telstra (Australia), Swisscom (Switzerland) and Nokia (Switzerland). International management, responsible innovation, corporate responsibility and governance are his interests.

3 Dr. Rahayu Binti Tasnim

Dr. Rahayu is with 16 years of academic exposure in three private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, and is now attached to the IBS, UTM. She is actively involved in start-up incubation, commercialization and business consulting, with businesses of her own. Business planning, innovative marketing and business strategies, as well as business pitching are her expert fields of interest. The Upin Ipin brand, Asemo Green Wash, MyTeksi are among her successful spin-offs.

4 Prof. Dr. Roselina Ahmad Saufi

Dr. Roselina holds a full Professorship in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at UTM. Teaching both undergraduates and postgraduates in the area of HRM, Management and Research Methodology. Supervised more than 60 postgraduate students. Consultancy and industry collaboration in the area of social impact study and talent development.

5 Bakhtiar Jamilee

Mr. Bakhtiar Jamilee bin Abdul is a Managing Director at KL Infrastructure Group Bhd. He is one of the Board of Directors of Pasukhas Group Bhd and is with vast industry and business experiences. An expert in innovation, commercialisation and Marketing.

6 Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ghazali bin Dato’ Mohd. Yusoff

Dato’ Ghazali has over 4 decades of experience in different industries and sectors. Through the years he has worked for Dunlop Malaysia Industries for 13 years and Arab-Malaysian Bank Group. Since 1983 he is self-employed, became a very successful entrepreneur and the Executive Chairman of Nusantara Technologies. Currently he is an Adjunct Professor at many universities such as UM and University of Tehran. Business planning, self-development and business pitching are his expertise.

7 Dr.Sathiabama T.Thirugnana

Dr. Sathiabama is a Senior Lecturer at UTM, Razak School. Renewable energy and thermal energy are her areas of research interest. Currently working on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), focusing on the durable electrodes for salt lantern. Actively involved in the National STEM Movement under the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. Technology entrepreneurship is her forte’.

8 Prof. Abdul Hamid Mohamed

Prof. Hamid is a company director and an active academia. He has five years of administrative government agency experience, 18 years of academic and 17 years of corporate, management, entrepreneurial, and business experience and exposure. His expertise include marketing management, business planning and media marketing

9 Dr. Rahmat Iskandar Khairul Shazi

Dr. Rahmat is currently Director of the Training, Research and Technology unit. He manages the TRreT business streams including Research Management, Training, novel Enhanced Employability Programme and Social Capital Engineering. He is an expert in R&D and commercialisation

10 Mohan. K

Mr. Mohan, graduated from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom in 1996 in Electrical Engineering. He has accumulated 20 years of solid experience in the Intellectual Property field, and owns an IP consulting company in Malaysia and India. He is expert in identifying and analysing Intellectual Property concerns, communicate analysis, conclusions to clients and securing government grants.

11 Robert Pushman

Mr. Puschmann is currently the Managing Director of DKSH Swiss (Malaysia and Singapore). He is an expert in leadership modules, business pitching, personality grooming and R&D.

12 Dr. Mohamad Shah Kassim

Dr. Mohamad Shah is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Management, UTM, and lectures in Management, Organizational Behaviour and International Business.

13 Dr. Shathees Baskaran

Dr. Shathees has over 15 years of industry exposure, with focus on strategic management and entrepreneurship. He was actively involved with projects at Holcim Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

14 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fauziah Sh. Ahmad

Professor Dr. Fauziah lectures in Strategic Marketing and Entrepreneurship at UTM. She is a brand advisor for a renowned fashion retail chain with 12 branches all over Malaysia. Her consultancies which are mostly in strategic marketing and branding field include TESCO, ADABI, KFC, MSE, Ministry of Higher Education and many others.

15 Dr. Wesam A.Madhoun

Dr. Wesam is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza in Palestine. His experience includes working with national and international organizations in the Gaza strip in the field of Environment and Development. He is now an active business consultant with various institutions around the region. His expert area is green and sustainable technology

16 Markus Helbling
+6019393 6303

Mr. Helbling had a long and varied career in the Swiss media industry. Since 2012 he has been running his own company in Malaysia – CLUE Solutions Sdn Bhd. The company offers services in Web Content Management, Digital Publishing, E-Commerce and Distribution. As an entrepreneur, he specializes in Business Development, Communications Management and Intercultural Communications.

17 Zulkifli Yusof

More than 20 years’ experience in consumer and retail service industry in PETRONAS and banking sector, a business coach and sales strategist to 1000 successful entrepreneurs and business owner of PETRONAS petrol station throughout Malaysia and worked as Head of Training Development and Business planning. Currently spearheading a training and solution consulting company in providing business coaching and development to oil and gas downstream retail business company in Malaysia. He is an expert in accelerating Sales Improvement and business development for entrepreneurship in retail business.